Flatiron Field Services, LLC and Truox®, Inc. form Strategic Alliance

Flatiron Field services, LLC (FIFS) was founded and is operated by the co-founders of Western Gas Resources, Inc. and have over 60 years of oil and gas drilling and production experience.

FIFS’s identified a pressing and escalating need for abundant supplies of clean water required in hydraulic fracturing fluids.

FIFS provides safe, cost effective and highly efficient “Turn-Key” surface biological water treatment services for Hydraulic Fracturing. FIFS’ uses a patented chlorine dioxide technology that inactivates all microbial life in surface and subsurface water in seconds, resulting in disinfected (no microbial life) fracking water.

FIFS recognizes firsthand the importance of maintaining microbial control and lost revenues resulting from improper disinfection of drilling and hydraulic fracturing fluids.

FIFS has teamed with Truox®, Inc. who has over 25 years of water treatment experience and 30 patents in advanced disinfection technologies.

Truox®, Inc. has developed and patented versatile chlorine dioxide technology effective for both on-site generation useful for storage tank filling, Frac-on-the-Fly, and Down-Hole applications, as well as patented “Cycle Technology” for in-situ generation of chlorine dioxide ideally suited to provide residual effect for longer term storage of treated water.

PetroChlor™ is Truox’s on-site generation technology that automatically optimizes chlorine dioxide generation and can adjust the biocide feed-rate in near real-time to compensate for variations in water quality. This patent pending technology provides unprecedented flexibility and assured disinfection regardless of the level of contamination of the supplied water.

The remarkable selectivity and potency of chlorine dioxide has caused it to be referred to as, “The Ideal Biocide”. Chlorine dioxide produces a rapid kill over a wide range of organisms at very low effective concentrations. Here is the effect of PetroChlor™ solution on Sulfate Reducing Bacteria (SRB) after only 30 seconds and very low residuals.

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